Total Eclipse… of the Heart

I’ve been thinking about the solar eclipse for weeks. I’m a homeschooling momma, so I love a good learning opportunity! We’re just a ways outside of Nashville, so we were close enough to be able to get to see the full show!

This is the first time I looked through those goofy solar eclipse glasses.

Total Solar Eclipse

The local news channels were estimating loads of people were going to come to Nashville to view the eclipse, so we knew we wanted to stay out of the city. My hubby is working in Murfreesboro right now and it just so happened to be in the line of the total eclipse. Being in an open field was pretty cool. We were close enough to a street to witness the street lights coming on as it got darker.

If you took a selfie, you would get a reflection of the eclipse.

Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse

Oh so close to the total eclipse!

Total Solar Eclipse

It was just our little family, my in-laws, and a few of the people who work with my hubby. So when the total eclipse happened, it was silent. It was a very cool experience.

Total Solar eclipse

I’m glad I took a few pictures, but they don’t even begin to show you what the real thing was like. It was definitely a hair-raising, there is something so much larger than this life moment. I’m so thankful we were close enough to be able to experience it. Now I know why there are people who travel the world to see these when they happen. If there were ever a lovely experience, this was certainly at the top of the list!

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