I Am A Gamer

With the release of Destiny 2 tonight at midnight, I thought I would write up what brought my to my gaming hobby!

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It used to really bother me when my hubby played video games. He works outside and in the summer it can be 12 hour days. So he would come home and maybe eat dinner and start playing video games. I started to get really annoyed with this habit, but like my old self liked to do, I didn’t say a word. I just stewed and acted a little upset. And that didn’t make him stop.

So I thought, I know what I’ll do.. I’ll pray. I’ll pray that he will have a miraculous repulsion to video games. That he will come home from a long day at work and want to lay in bed and talk about his feelings. (gag me) So I’m praying at least twice a day that he will throw away his playstation. He’ll just come home and not even say a word and throw it out the window.

And in the midst of all this, I’m having this heart tug. (And heart tug is really the best phrase to explain what happened). I felt this pull to sit down with him and see what was going on. If I wanted to spend time with him, which was my ultimate plea, well maybe I should take the first step.

I start to sit with him as he games. I see a serious interest on his part and I start to ask questions. “What’s that big guy shooting at you?” “Did you just get a rocket launcher? Looks pretty cool!”

Next thing you know, we’ve gone out and bought me a playstation of my own. I’ve come to really enjoy the time when we’re side-by-side on the couch completely dominating another team in the crucible (Destiny lingo for a 6 v 6 competitive arena). And you know what? I’m pretty good at it too!

But that never would have happened if I would not have taken that first step. If I would have stubbornly held onto to my fake reality of what my hubby should come home and do, then we would still be in this standoff. And by “we would still be in this standoff” I mean that he would still be gaming and I would still be brooding in the kitchen and not saying a thing.

Side Note: My husband does not only game. He’s a wonderful man and he does a lot of things for the family and with the family.

Finding my lovely revolution has revolved around ME being the active party! No longer am I going to sit back and let other people determine my happiness.

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