How The Whole30 Helped Heal My Body

While I am no longer bulimic, up until recently I still didn’t have a healthy relationship with food. I had a coffee addiction, was consuming too few calories, and was full of guilt and bloat when I would finally eat a full meal.

The Whole30 made me question how, why and when I was eating. My first Whole30 round in September 2017 was full of good takeaways, but the most beneficial aspect was the way it challenged how I think about my food. Prior to the Whole30 food consumed my whole day. At breakfast, I would be planning out lunch in my head. Lunch turned into dinner planning and I would prep dinner until dinner time.

I chose the Whole30 to challenge the way I was letting food rule me. Now I sit down, slowly and intentionally eat a healthy meal and then I go on with my day. No guilt, no shame, and certainly no bloating.

An important lesson I had to learn is that a social event does not need to be centered on food. I wanted it to be about the people surrounding me. Instead of focusing on the cake sitting over there looking so delicious, I focus on the person sitting right in front of me. I get interested and ask questions. I take the time to notice their smile instead of the flavor icing on the cake. I want to remember the people around me instead of the meal I was served.

You can do the Whole30, stay compliant and not have as good a result as I did. And when I say “good result” I’m not talking the number on the scale. Melissa Hartwig , founder of Whole30, talks about non scale victories, and my Whole30 was so full of them! My eczema symptoms improved dramatically. My hair was shinier, thicker and easier to style. My energy levels soar when I cut out sugar! I sleep more soundly and wake up refreshed. I could go on and on.

I’m currently in the middle of the January Whole30 to test some food sensitivities. I will keep you updated! This second round has been easier on the food side of things because I’m very comfortable with what I can and can’t have. It’s also been easier cutting out sugar (I was already grain, dairy, soy and corn free). I had minimal headaches, no change in sleeping patterns and felt a surge in energy much quicker.

It’s a mindset game. You get to choose how much you get out of any nutritional change. If you fully embrace it, you will see change!

Just another way I’m taking a giant leap towards lovely!

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