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Giving Up Caffeine

Part of my disordered eating included coffee. I would wake up and crave a hot cup of caffeine. I have a 20oz coffee mug that I would fill with coffee. After drinking my first cup, I would be so distracted with the kids that I wouldn’t feel like making myself food. After getting the kids settled, I would usually make myself another cup of coffee just to give myself a moment to breathe.

By this point, it’s at least 10 am and I’ve been up since 6 am and have not fueled my body.

I was eating a healthy diet, but I was starving myself because of my morning cycle. And this was not healthy!

So I chose to drop the coffee. I still have a hot morning drink, but I have started forming a new habit. As soon as I get up, I drink 8 oz of water. After 20 minutes I will make my turmeric concoction. Within one hour of waking up, I eat food. The main reason I have been successful is because I have started waking up at 5 am to give myself time before the kids wake up. I have quiet, alone time to read and meditate and picture how my day will flow. This sets me up for success not only in food choices but also in parenting.

So in celebration of this new habit I’ve formed, I’m sharing this turmeric concoction!

1 tsp golden milk

1/2 tsp sun potion yin powder

A splash of vanilla

A shake of cinnamon

12 oz hot water (or nut milk)

Tbsp coconut cream

Tbsp coconut manna or oil

Vital protein collagen peptides

It takes intention to form and maintain a new habit. Changing up my whole morning routine supported my mindset and allowed me to stick to this new habit.

Is there anything you’re ready to drop or add to your life? Start today! Set yourself up for success by altering your environment if need be and then start working on that new lovely habit!

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