Grain-Free, Dairy-Free Birthday Celebration!


Oh the feeling when your baby (which may be your last) turns one. Can you still call him a baby? Is he a toddler now? What if I don’t want him to be a toddler..

No matter what he is officially titled now, I wanted to go a different route for his birthday celebration. We’ve done parties where we invite all kinds of people over, we’ve done family parties, and we’ve also done the immediate family-stay at home party. But at this phase of my life, an actual party would have been for me. So low key it was!

My hubby and I just finished our first Whole30 together where we cut out sugar, grains, and dairy. We knew getting a store bought cake or baking a cake full of processed ingredients would level our healthy momentum. I’ve been following Danielle Walker, Against All Grain , for over a year now and have tried many of her recipes. All with success, I might add.

For some reason, a cake seems like a big project for me to tackle. Like I need so many ingredients and all the right tools and I need a spotless kitchen and 4 hours alone. (None of these things are happening in my life right now). Maybe I’ve been watching too much of the Great British Baking Show..

Against All Grain’s recipe was so easy to duplicate and produced an absolutely delicious cake. I used her yellow cake recipe from Celebrations and the chocolate buttercream. And the best thing : NO actual sugar! She only uses honey and maple syrup. The cake was moist and the buttercream held up at room temperature.



He seemed to enjoy it! And I did too!

How do you keep birthdays stress free and full of lovely?


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