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Dealing with Frustration

The other day my little girl told me that sometimes I am a mean mom. That when I yell, I scare everyone. Well damn if that didn’t knock me back. These kids know exactly how to get down to it and just tell you how it is.

I can see that my oldest is just like me in his anger problem. If something doesn’t go right he has a meltdown and just can’t deal. That’s exactly how I was when he was a baby. I just couldn’t handle things going wrong. I liked to be in control and if it didn’t go my way I would freak. I’ve slowly learned that I am not in control. I’ve learned how to stay calm amongst chaos. I’m still a work in progress – aren’t we all? So I know my daughter was pointing out the times that I slip into my old ways. I want to make those slips less and less frequent. So I’m working on ways to bring more peace and calm into my days.

I want to teach my son that anger is a perfectly fine emotion. We all get angry. But how can we take that anger and deal with it without hurting other people. I want to teach my oldest how to cope with his frustration.

So we’re going to do something new in our house. We’re going to start having some yoga/meditation/quiet time together. I already do some yoga, and sometimes they will come along side me and do the moves with me. So I got J and Lil a yoga mat and a fun little yoga card game that we can play together. I specifically want to teach my oldest, J, some breathing techniques. I’ve noticed that when he gets frustrated he will start to alter his breathing so I think it would be very helpful to him to learn how to control his breathing.

Any tips for dealing with frustration??

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