Can you make grocery shopping lovely?

Over the past few years I’ve tried a few different grocery pick-up systems.You go online, order your groceries and then show up to the store and either go inside and pick up your stuff or just wait in your car and they bring it to you. And that sounds like a dream, right? When I’ve got a sick kid and just absolutely need something from the store, it’s a life-saver.

But I’ve started to do it weekly for my groceries. It definitely helps me plan out meals for the week and stick to it, because I’m less likely to want to hit up the store again later in the week. It also stops the haphazard throwing of random items into the shopping cart that happens nearly every trip to the store. (How do kids manage to get so many things into the shopping cart??)

I sometimes struggle to determine if conveniences are hindering my children and me. And so I go down this thought path of whether I should be teaching my children some valuable lesson by going to the store each week. Will they learn addition faster if I make them count each item as we put it into the shopping cart? (Doubtful) Does it teach them patience to wait in a line of 5 people who don’t understand why their coupon for another store won’t transfer for this store? Because it seriously tests my patience to wait through that..

Okay, so I’ve done the online shopping, driven to store and picked up my groceries and we’re trucking back home. Now what do I do with that extra 45 minutes I saved by not going aisle to aisle.

Realistically, doing shopping this way has given me this precious time. I’m always thinking, “if only I had a few more minutes.” And now I’ve given myself just that. But do I take advantage of this?

Honestly, I tend to get home and rush to put all the things into the fridge and pantry. Then once the kids have seen all the goodies, they need a snack (if you give a mouse a cookie). So I’ve then got to drag certain items out and prepare them for snack time. And then I’m just worn out and I want to sit on the couch with a cup of coffee.

So I set out to be intentional about my grocery process. I know, seems silly, right? They’re flipping groceries. But I gained a calm by sitting in my car for a full minute after picking up groceries and just being thankful. I sat there and was thankful for the people who put my order together. I was thankful that I was able to allow my kids to stay in the car. I was thankful for the technology that allowed me to open my phone and select groceries so easily. I was thankful that I had healthy food and had not had to drag a screaming child out of the store because they really wanted cookies and I said no.

So for now, the verdict is yes to pick up groceries for our family! You can truly find lovely in a task such as grocery shopping.

What does your grocery shopping experience look like? Could it benefit from A Lovely Revolution?

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