Another Broken Bone

My middle child had a spiral fracture when she was two. My oldest broke his arm right above the elbow a year ago. And that same little boy broke his clavicle this week! 

I mean, come on. I am starting to know the ER nurses by name.. I love you, nurses, and the wonderful job you do each day. But, this is not how I want to continue our relationship! 

Why is it that when we start to feel confident, we get struck down?

On Halloween night we went trick or treating with some neighbors. The mom was telling me about their ER trips and I was telling ours. I was saying, somewhat hesitantly, that I was hoping we would have a nice year out of the hospital. And that very next night, we end up in the ER.

But, hey, we homeschool. So this was a nice lesson in nursing and caregiving. In X-rays and the function of a “clavicle.”

I’ve got to find the lovely, right? So now I know why the arm has a maximum range of movement. You guessed it, that lovely clavicle! 

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