A Rooster Dilemma

Our local farm store had little baby cheeping chicks. They’re adorable and fluffy. And you just have to buy one. Or nine. 


We used to have chickens when we were in our second year of marriage. We had gone to the aforementioned farm store and the same exact thing happened. I had just turned 22 so 22 chicks it was. Wow, were we naive and young and cute. 22 is a whole lot of chickens to start out with..

So I had done some research and had calculated that a few chicks may die and we may get a rooster or two. We wanted 5 or 6 hens in the end, so we purchased 9 chickens and a cute little red coop.


And weeks later, we have 6 crowing, strutting roosters. They are loud and proud and sooo loud. We had a raccoon incident and are now down to 5 roosters.


They are all fully mature. And fully crowing. And fully doing male rooster things to our female chickens. Our female chickens were getting a little worn out and weren’t even able to sit down long enough to lay eggs. Options here are either sell (meaning give away) 4 of the roosters, have chicken for dinner the next few weeks, or separate 4 of the roosters from our main flock. We are a little attached to our main leghorn rooster, Meryl. He’s the only rooster with a proper name. So Meryl gets to keep his chicks. We have a yard that is fenced in and we thought, “why not let these four go free range.”

It’s been a week and these dern roosters have taken to free range life. One rooster is the youngest and gets picked on.. He stays on top of the chicken coop for 23.9 hours of the day.


The other 3 reds are strutting and puffing up at each other for the majority of the day.

I can sit outside and watch chickens for hours. It’s so relaxing. Peck, scratch, peck, CROW, scratch, peck. And on and on it goes. Quite a lovely thing to do when I just need a minute to decompress. 

Do you have anything you do to decompress or find a little lovely in the midst of your day?


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